Google Slides App Reviews

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The best

Great app using for university it is awesome. Just wish their were transitions like PowerPoint


The app is great but I just wish it was exactly like the web version. The mobile version is kind of confusing and glitchy which makes the app slow.

Google Slides

I love google slides. The app is really convenient for work or school



Uh, dont know what you guys are saying this is fab

This app helps me so much in school. I can literally do anything, more themes are popping up, and it never gets old for my teacher, so its really handy when she says to write a quick response and to do it on several papers. I love this app and owe all my success of my education to Google Slides.

Best app for school work ever!!!!

I think this app really helps on keeping everything together and it is very useful in handful times and I just think it really comes in handy with homework that you need to work on and yeah you should definitely use this app and if you think this app is horrible its not trust me please

A much better experience online

I love Google, I use it for everything. If only this app worked the same as it did online it would be perfect.

On the phone

Sometimes on my phone it flips the words

Works Half the time

Work decently well half the time. (Few issues with spacing but its good enough) the other half the time it Loads blank power points and crashes.

Great app!!!!!

Its useful for my school projects and presentations !



The Best Slides App ever!!! :D

Very easy to use, and very reliable for making slides and PowerPoints


Add slide transitions


I use Google slides all the time and it really helps I can add pictures from Google and my photo library I can write on any size I want I can also write whatever font I want and the color make more stuff like this Google

Buggy mess

This app is full of bugs and has a lot of limitations. I was doing a science project with my classmates and one of my friends tried to send it to me but it didnt show up for me until about 2 days after it was sent! THEN I found out that you couldnt add backrounds or transitions either! After that it started kicking me out of the slideshow multiple times! Im only giving it 2 stars because it has some of the essentials like text boxes and themes. Other than that this app is just a buggy and unusable mess!

Great Product

I am a high school business and marketing teacher; this product is excellent and I use it everyday in my classroom to increase student engagement and provide archived resources to students. Like all Google products this application is intuitive and very versatile.


This app is great. No ads, good quality. And good presentation


Works well on my iPhone 6 and my MacBook Air. Would be nice if I could play to my Apple TV from my iPhone though.

Teacher friendly

I am able to view and edit from my mobile device. I use it in class during a presentation to keep up with my notes. Awesome tool!


Hard to write on when you start on mobile but easy after practice

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