Google Slides App Reviews

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Google slides is a HW saver or even a quick project presentation. Easy to use, look good but could use more work on setting up the slide. All though there are some templates they are only for the title and not for the continuing slides. Another great feature is that you can not only share it but work on the same slide at the same time without big glitches and real time notice to. The spell check for google slides and for all their other apps a absolutely superb. It knows the word even if it’s misspelled horrifically. So, even though the templates are not all the best everything else is amazing to HW to big presentations. the app is very useful and that is why this app is rated 5/5 starts. - Nick Kirejczyk (A google app user)

Everything you need

This is free and easy no need to waste time on other programs


great 4 school & projects ?


I love this app so much it’s truly AMazing ? ????????get this app!!!


It is really fun and I am on it allows the time


If you forget an assignment and waited till the last minute it’s super easy to get a quick presentation together in time

This is so helpful

This app is so helpful and also fun to just play around on. Keep up the good work Google!!

Functionality lacking

All the google office or suite apps would get 5 star rating if they mirrored their website counterparts. The functionality left out in the iPad/phone apps is a serious drawback. As these office tools are becoming the best office group to use, it is essential that it works the same on mobile. If one could open the online version to do the steps the app wont let you, that would help. This too unfortunately is blocked. If you have any of the apps installed, then you cannot access the tools online. I considered deleting the apps and using the websites only, but then I would lose the ability to work offline. Google please put full functionality on your apps, or allow in app access of the desktop web version. My concern is not limited to Apple infrastructure but also Amazon and Google. This limited functionality is a very unfair business practice, who are you to tell me what hardware i should use to access the internet or view my PURCHASED content. Whenever i purchased a sony dvd, took it home and hooked it up to my TV. Believe it or not, it actually plays DVDs that aren’t produced by SONY studios!! How is it not a monopoly to produce a product that only performs the functions advertised when used on a platform it chooses. Would you buy a car that only works at one gas station? I don’t know if its Google, Amazon, Apple or all that is doing this, but I’m awfully tired of customers being the last voice in the products they get to use. Get over it!! I should be able to access my purchased digital media from whatever device I choose and look at all of it in the same library, regardless of where i bout it. I should also be able to access my digital files and document, using their proper functions regardless of what device I’m using and what cloud i save too. MY HARDWARE SHOULD NOT BE CONTROLLING WHAT DATA I DECIDE TO KEEP!! Google Office products should have full functions on Apple and Amazon products. Likewise ITunes files should be able to be used on Amazon and Google products!! Let your consumers control the property they purchase!!! Why is that a bad thing!! Oh, and why can we not rate and review apple apps on the App Store? You would think a company would want their customers to be able to share their opinions on its products with each other. I’m hoping that’s just a glitch with my iPad because if not that’s pretty shady.

It’s great, but not enough

This is by far the best app on iOS for slide shows presentations but not the best optimized for devices such as the older iPads. It run to slow on my iPad mini 2


This app is awesome. It is all I need to make presentations when I am not on my slow computer

This was terrible

I can barely believe how bad this app is I mean like why would anyone use this app when there is power point. I would rather jump through a window then use this app


Would give a 5, but this really needs animations.

Awesome app!!!!

Love having access to google slides from my phone. Very easy to upload pictures. I use this app several times a week!!


I didnt finish a slide for school and i didnt want to get out of bed, This works.

I don’t like it

You are probably thinking how? My answer is that I’m a kid, and you know kids and there hatred for school. And hey, what do you know, we have to do projects with slides. In other words, anything that has to do with school is bad. Thus, Slides is a bad app. sorry for all them school lovers who are reading this.

Good app

Google Slides is a fine app and it works for what I need I for.


this app helps me a lot with school. if i have a project due in 30 minutes, im able to use my found in a sneaky matter to get our presentation done by using my phone and this app. Plus, its very similar to the computer version which just makes this even more useful !!


I love this app so much, but I think the yellow based google theme is lacking... overall 10/10 but the yellow is a big turn off.

Pretty cool

Good for making transfers

It’s disappointing but good with small changes

You can’t write on slides you can just make new one the. You can’t do much after that and I expected more from google being a huge company and all. They couldn’t let you edit the slides but change background and font. I mean come on google you can do better... but for now don’t download this until they update it

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