Google Slides App Reviews

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Pretty Amazing!

As a teacher I love this application. Except for the fact you can’t write fractions it does what you need to present. It is more aesthetically pleasing than PowerPoint, and the fact that you can work on it from just about any device is amazing. Way to make it look amazing and simple!

It’s great But bullet points are a pain and the font changes whenever you close out of the app

Honest review, my only problem is the font randomly changes and the bullet points are a pain. So I just use a dash. :) lehgitness!


I use google slides for my classes and it keeps crashing and I cannot complete my notes! Please fix!!!!

Limited functionality

Its good if youre just adding a few typed pieces here and there, but if you have to do anything more significant, such as the add or crop pictures, its very difficult.

Good app

This is a amazing app I have nothing bad to say. But I do have a one thing that this app should change you should add transitions you have it on the computer version so .......


I love the app even though my chat won’t work so I can’t tell my partner to work on her part of the incomplete science project due tomorrow but overall great app


So many themes and options, I love how easy it is to access on any device



Great app

This app is a wonderful app! It is filled with different styles of slides, and great tips and icons to help your google slide presentation 10 tines more better! This app is fun and easy to use when doing said presentation. I wrote about toys for preschoolers and they loved it! Even the parents wanted to know about the google slide app. Also for parents, this app is everything but inappropriate. As in it does not show pornography, sex, etc. I love it! Ughh yes

Love the app

This app is fantastic for creating school presentations! Can be a bit laggy at times, but it is almost always reliable!




Love how you can work offline and is perfect the screen the graphics everything love it except that you cant inserts backgrounds but I figured out a way to do so I can now just do whatever ?


This app is amazing and it really helps me for my schoolwork and for projects! Thanks google!


It’s amazing I love ❤️ it?

Why can’t I do it online

I can’t do it on a mobile device why?


Then p erish

Lovely app

This app has helped me upgrade my technology grade so much.

Cool Stuff

A great app, it could just use an update. Otherwise amazing.

I use a lot

I use this app a lot. I use a this at school and at home I can work on my own projects for school and at home.

Awesome for school!

It lets kids work together to create a great project.

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